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What's New? (Aug 8, 2000)
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Al Gore Went Down to Florida

(to the tune of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels)

Al Gore went down to Florida He was lookin' for an election to steal.
He was in a bind Cause he was way behind, And he was willin' to cut a deal.

When he came across a Gov'ner Knawin' on a victory and chewin' hard
Veep Gore jumped up on a hickory stump and said, "Gov, let me tell you what"

"I bet you didn't know it but I'm a contender in Florida too,
and if you care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you.
Now you ran a good campaign down here, but give Al Gore his due.
I'll bet a nation of gold and the white house it holds, that I got more votes than you!"

The gov'ner said, "My names Dubya and it might be a sin....
But I'll take that bet, your gonna regret, cause this Texan always wins"

Dubya rally up your troops and fight for that vote hard.
Cause Al Gores loose in Florida and Bill Daley holds the cards.
If you win you get that shiny nation, made of gold,
but if you lose, then Al Gore gets con-trol.

Al Gore opened up his mouth and said "I'll start this show"
And fire burned in the eyes of lawyers, who knew they'd make some dough.
And he pulled his hand across his lips, and he made an evil grin.
Then in walked all the Palm Beach voters, Dubya's chances were lookin' thin.

(Guitar/bass solo)

When Al Gore finished, Dubya said... "Well, your pretty good ol' son
Now plant your but in that chair right there and let me show you how it's done!"

(Chorus II)
Dems in the orange groves, Run George, Run.
You can't lose now in the land of the sun.
Your dad's on your side and your brothers' in tow,
Gore in the White House, God, Please NO!

(Fast Fiddle/Guitar solo)

Al Gore bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat.
He conceded that golden nation on the Ground at Dubya's feet.
Dubya said, "Gore, just come on back if ya ever wanna try again,
cause I told you once you tree huggin' dunce, this Texan always wins!"

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