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What's New? (Aug 8, 2000)
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Florida Golf Rule Revisions

A proposed revision to the rules of Golf is being sought in South Florida. Once a player has hit an errant shot, that player will be allowed to call "GORE" while the ball is still in flight. The player can replace the ball in the same spot and hit it again. The player can do this until satisfied that the ball is going where it was intended to be hit it in the first place.

You should note that this will not replace the traditional call of "FORE", which can still be used in addition to the "GORE" call. The new call will cause the time of play to be extended until such time as the player can claim the hole. This revision is causing some consternation to the PGA, but proponents say it is only fair.

At this time St. Andrews officials are wary, however if enough proponents stick to this proposal it will probably be approved by popular vote and by the government judicial authorities. Canvas your friends and don't give an inch.

Note that a test of this new rule was recently played out in an exclusive club in Palm Beach County Florida and the first hole only took 14 days to complete!!!!

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