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Michael Coley's Photo Gallery - Israel - Near Jerusalem


Here I am climbing a sycamore tree in Jericho, like Zacchaeus.

This is in the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem. For each of the major people or groups who helped the Jews, a tree is planted. Here, in front of Schindler's tree, thankful Jews have piled stones.


This is the Shrine of the Book, a museum that houses some of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The shape of the building is the same as the shape of the lids off the urns in which they found the scrolls. One of the most important discoveries was a complete scroll of the book of Isaiah which dated back about 1000 years older than the previous oldest manuscript.

Bethlehem. This star marks the spot where Jesus is thought to have been born.


Olive wood carvings are big business in Bethlehem. Here, a worker roughs out the shapes. Another worker does the detail work.

Here I am on a camel. Pretty neat, eh?


Our guide told us that in order to get out of the country, we had to ride a camel, float in the Dead Sea, and eat St. Peter's fish.

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