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Michael Coley's Photo Gallery - Israel - Soldiers


Yad Mordechai is a kibbutz on the north-east edge of the Gaza Strip. This was the site of one of the pivotal battles during the War of Independence in 1948. Here, the people of the kibbutz held off the Egyptian army while Tel Aviv prepared its defenses. The figures in the field are a recreation of the Egyptian casualties during the battle.

Here are some of the actual weapons used to hold off the Egyptian army. The people of the kibbutz had only one anti-tank weapon to use against the Egyptian tanks, and it could only be used at very close range.


Soldiers having lunch in Jerusalem. How about those M-16's?

While serving in the military, soldiers only receive a token pay. During their time off, they get around by hitchhiking. It is the "duty" of the citizens to give the soldiers rides. We gave several soldiers rides one day, including these two in the picture.


Barbed wire between the Israel and Lebanon borders.

A soldier at a checkpoint on the highway.


There's just something about a woman with a gun... ;) Military service is mandatory for all men and women once they turn 18. Men serve a mandatory 36 months, while women serve 20 months.

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