$4.95 CD's at!

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$4.95 CD's at!

7/19/99 Update: THEY'RE BACK! They now have about 45 of the top CD's for $4.95 each. These currently include the new Star Wars Phantom Menace soundtrack, the Wild Wild West soundtrack, Backstreet Boys "Millennium", Cher "Believe", Ricky Martin, Shania Twain, and many more! Make sure to take advantage of the prices before they go back up again!
6/19/99 Update: The $4.95 promo appears to be over. They now have just the top 25 CD's for $8.95 each (still a good price) rather than 100,000+ CD's at $4.95 each. Hope you were able to take advantage of the promo before it ended!
6/4/99 Update: Still available! Delivery should take 2-4 weeks. Some CD's are marked up to $8.95 now, but most are still $4.95. There's a limit of 5 of each title per order.
5/29/99 Update: They've changed the promos listed on their main page, but their CD's are still priced at $4.95. This could end pretty quick.
5/27/99 Update: It looks like the promo is extended at least a few more days. I received an e-mail from that included the details below.
5/24/99 Update: Shipping is now $3.50 for UPS Ground. (Previously it was free.) is having a one-week sale on CD's. You can find just about any CD for $4.95 there. The web site says that the sale is "this week only", but I'm not sure how long it has already been running so act quick! (If the promo is still running, you'll see the prices listed at $4.95.) They only charge tax for WA and CA, and UPS Ground shipping is $3.50 for any size order.

They have a huge selection! Over 100,000 CD's are priced at $4.95. The search option was the best way I found to get the CD's that I wanted. They seemed to have great prices on other things too.

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Excert from 5/27/99 E-mail from
Who doesn't need to stock up on music for the Summer? At we've got over 100,000 CD's for only $4.95 each! We've got today's best sellers and a huge selection of other music, including rock, pop, alternative, jazz and classical. From the Back Street Boys to Bach, The Clash to Johnny Cash, and Matchbox 20 to Miles Davis. Hurry! This is a limited time offer.

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